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I was born in Vienna in 1983. I love to travel and to explore, for that reason I used to live for several months in Australia. Recently, I moved to one of the most beautiful areas in Europe, to the Côte D'Azur in France. And I am pleased to call Monaco my new home.

After my graduation I felt a need to be independent and started to work right away. My multifaceted interests and curiosity brought me very interesting and helpful working experience as a sales manager in hotel and tourism industry, in charter-sales in aviation and as an key-account manager in TV and radio industry.
Life is so versatile and beautiful - you just have to be open for something new and for learning!

During my job in TV and radio business I started an additional career as presenter on stage and in front of the camera.

My "Drive" and my professional working experience brought me to

move to the outstanding Côte D'Azur where I found a working berth in the Yachting industry.


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